What should no one be without in their home office?

A really good ergonomic chair, efficient task lighting, a desk size appropriate to the work performed, and a well-organised work-life balance! 

What’s the smartest furnishing trick we could all use in our home offices?

The best furnishing trick is… to do everything possible to boost physical and mental health choose appropriate furniture with intelligent functions and a good design. Here, everyday functional aspects should be combined with homely, personal touches to achieve an overall composition that works well and looks great.

I value things like a screen shield to prevent glare, or being able to look at the garden or gaze into the distance. It’s a chance to open the mind and rest the eyes. Depending on the job in hand, I can also deliberately incorporate all the rooms around my home into my daily routine. For instance if I have a reading task the living room sofa is ideal for that, and if I need a big space to spread out my paperwork I can use the dining table.

What does your office at home look like?

What do you like best about your office at home?
  • My books, which have a lot to do with my work and my personality, and which I often miss when I’m at work because I don’t have them to hand.
  • The art I’ve designed myself and my pictures, my old wooden cupboard that my father did up for me.
  • My favourite thing is the view of the garden and the coffee, which is absolutely amazing at home! 😊


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