how to combine a study and guest bedroom

Not many people have the luxury of a dedicated room in their home that they can use exclusively as an office. For everyone who has to improvise: we’ve got a few tips for you to help make the best of the situation. We show you how to plan your home office even in a limited space to create the perfect workstation.

Get rid of clutter

Rooms used in a multifunctional way need intelligent storage. You see, that’s the most convenient way to tidy away items you don’t need – depending on the intended use at the time. Cupboards for your work equipment are just as practical as a larger wardrobe containing bed linen for your guests. Not only does a tidy home office make it easier for you to focus on your work, it also creates a better impression on video calls.

Conjuring up the perfect office

We’re professionals and it’s our job to translate the most frequent requirements of employees into office furniture and fittings. While classics like a height-adjustable desk and a versatile office chair are basic outfitting requirements, practical storage solutions and elements such as a whiteboard or notice board make your work more organised. It’s worth investing in proper outfitting that will support you for the next 10 or 20 years. What should you look out for?

Turning a study into an office

  • Desk
    Ideally 80 cm deep, 120 cm wide and 75 cm high 
  • Swivel chair
    Seat size ideally 40 x 50 cm, seat height 41 to 45 cm
  • Storage space
    2:8 rule for a space to feel harmonious: 20 % is visible, 80 % stored away
  • Whiteboard or blackboard
    for ideas and notes
  • Accessories or pictures
    What motivates you when you’re working? What cheers you up?

Make small rooms look bigger

If your eyes aren’t drawn to edges, corners and objects, it creates more of an impression of space. This means that, contrary to popular belief, the trick is not to paint a small room in a light colour – but to make it appear visually calm. If you can keep to monochrome as far as possible for the ceiling, walls, windows, furniture and accessories, the resulting impression is one of sheer size and the room immediately feels larger.

Discover our ideas for furnishing your home office workspace in the guest room in the "Big ideas for small spaces" issue. Let yourself be inspired.

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