Happiness is a conscious decision

Interview of the leadership trainer

Did you leap out of bed this full of energy this morning? If not, now’s your chance to take some inspiration from management coach and meditation teacher Uta Altmüller. She used her daily meditation practice to bring herself up to the next level in performance sport at the young age of 18, and she can give you some tips on setting yourself up for success right from the start of the day. Uta Altmüller has spent the past 30 years supporting people on their journey towards achieving more clarity, success and fulfilment. The aim of her MAGIC course is to help you align your inner compass to the goals that really make you happy.

Why do people start working more effectively and delivering better results when they’ve had access to a peaceful environment and an opportunity to switch off?

Success is based on the outcome of our actions. Our actions in turn are based on our thoughts. If our thoughts are clear and strong and we are well-connected with our inner self, then our action will be strong and successful as well – and our lives will feel fulfilled and happy.

Strong, clear thoughts come from our own source, deep within our own self. To achieve a connection with this source, we need quiet time to regenerate alongside the activity of the day. It’s relatively easy to work out whether you have enough opportunities for peace and quiet in your daily routine. Ask yourself “Do I feel happy when the sun shines on my face, my children laugh or I hear birds singing?” Happiness is an important indicator of whether you’re in a strong place.

We can find this rhythm of peace and activity throughout nature. It’s a key principle of life. Nature is a good place to look for advice, because its law system has been established for thousands of years. It’s a bit like breathing: if we don’t have any breaks from one meeting to the next, no space to breathe in between, then at some point our energy levels are going to plummet fast. If you notice them starting to ebb, don’t be afraid to seek advice and support – for instance from coaches.

What would you recommend for a good start to the day?

The most important thing is how we get up. Are you looking forward to your day? Make an active effort to ensure you’re in a good, positive mood! Happiness isn’t the result of external factors – it’s a conscious decision. Give yourself time to get up, don’t leave your bed until there’s a smile on your face. One way to achieve this is to practise gratitude for the simple things, and not to take anything for granted.

Are you thankful for your warm bed? For your job? For being able to earn a living? If you work from home – can you see and appreciate the benefits of your current situation?

These first few minutes of being awake are absolutely crucial, and your brain stores the things it encounters in this transition phase from sleep into wakefulness. You can also extend the gratitude routine to something you’d like to experience that day, or something you’d like to incorporate into your life. Your inner attitude should be as though this has already happened. For instance a good standard motto for every morning might be “Thank you for all the good news that will enter my life today!” Or whatever you think is important and beautiful. Then drink a large glass of warm water, indulge in some moderate exercise and maybe you’ll even have time for some meditation.

How do you stay on track for success?

Life is NOW. That’s a really important principle for me. What do I mean by that?

Take a deep breath in and breathe out again. What you’re feeling now, who’s alongside you in your life at the moment, what’s surrounding you right now – that’s your life. It’s all about creating the moment, knowing what I really want from my life – then I can orient myself and go in my own direction.

In my experience, only a very few people know what they really want. And if they do, it’s often a case of “Yes, one day.” Or “When I get time”. Or “When the kids are grown up”. Don’t let your life drift by with no goals or plans, because if you do then you’ll be at the mercy of other people’s goals. Life passes by every day, and the deciding question is: are you living your life or is your life living you?

That’s an important principle in order to be successful: I need a goal, an idea of where I’m heading – it’s only then that I can travel my path and at some point find out whether I’m successful by arriving at my destination or reaching key milestones.

It’s important that you’re certain of actually achieving your goal. Make sure all the energy is channelled in the same direction when you think, act and speak, and that it helps you move one step nearer to your goal each day.

One of the most important and strongest laws of Nature to govern us as humans on this planet comes into play here: the law of resonance: you attract what you’re expecting. So your brain needs a positive image of what this goal looks like, and how it would feel once you’ve achieved it. 

How can I orient myself positively in life?

Start with the little recommendations in this interview. If you see the good things in everything and maintain your good mood, then you’re engendering positivity. This in turn feeds back to you and helps you keep your life energy at a high level.

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