Sarah Schocke and Alexander Dölle are two of Germany’s best-known recipe creators and cookbook authors. As nutrition scientists and experts on healthy food for kids, they are popular talk show guests whose ideas can be found in almost everyone’s cookbook collection. 

A quick healthy lunch in your home office: couscous

Couscous is the perfect fast food, say cookery authors Alex & Sarah: just pour hot water over it, leave it to soak, and that’s it. Add some antipasti vegetables, salad ingredients such as tomato, cucumber, lettuce, and a protein component like feta cheese, strips of chicken breast or a fried egg, and you can put a balanced meal on your plate in an instant.

Fast food for the whole family: tasty soup

Soup is quick to make, especially with a little help from the freezer, as Sarah knows from experience. It only takes around 15 minutes to make vegetable noodle soup, for which you need your favourite soup noodles, vegetable stock, a tin of haricot beans and frozen Mediterranean veg – cover the ingredients with water, bring to the boil and cook until noodles are ready. Then add pesto and grated Parmesan to taste: that’s all you have to do for a quick office lunch at home. By the way – kids love it even more with a few sausages bobbing about in the soup, say the nutrition experts.

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