Our desk system that can be as diverse as life itself

A desk in your living room? TALO.YOU blends in beautifully 

König + Neurath is famous not only for developing quality office furniture that represents excellent value for money – but also for a company policy of incorporating a sustainable ethic into every single product. And what could be more sustainable than a home office desk that changes to match your needs and tasks? You might be using TALO.YOU as an individual desk in a home configuration at the moment – but in five years things might look very different!

Healthy working at home

  • A matter of adjustment - working sitting or standing?
    The motorised height adjustment makes it easy for you to change positions.
  • Do you prefer cosy wood or restrained white?
    Choose between various equipment details, surfaces and materials to suit your home
  • Frame shape in round or square
    Decide for yourself - both options blend harmoniously into your interior design
  • Award-winning concept, excellent design!
    TALO.YOU has been awarded the Plus X Award and the German Innovation Award
  • Certified with the Blue Angel

Jetzt konfigurieren!

Stellen Sie sich Ihr Produkt nach Ihren persönlichen Wünschen zusammen und laden Sie Ihre Konfiguration als pdf herunter oder fragen sie das Produkt über einen Klick auf direkt bei uns an. Wenn Sie mit unseren Produktdaten Arbeitswelten planen möchten, können Sie sich Ihre Konfiguration über im fxb, dwg oder cad Format herunterladen.

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