König + Neurath presents: the office chair that’s ideal for your workspace at home

Many people just don’t have a really good chair for their home office. An ergonomic chair with or without castors that can be individually adjusted to suit your height and weight, with plenty of movement to ensure that working from home doesn’t become an ordeal for your back. “Which is the right office chair for working at home, and how much should a good office chair cost?” you might be wondering. As a manufacturer of office furniture and room solutions with almost 100 years of experience, we can tell you that there isn’t just one right answer – but we can give you a few key tips and ideas for your home office chair across the price categories.


Encourages more movement – our home office desk chair

Even if not all desks will fit into your workspace at home – it’s easy to integrate a decent office chair into any of the diverse scenarios that might crop up in your living environment. A height-adjustable desk is also really important for both health and comfort when you’re working from home. However an ergonomic chair at home can also help to keep you fit and healthy over the long term – and allows you to perform at your best. The home office chairs from König + Neurath feature a special mechanism to encourage mobility while you work. This activates muscles, improves circulation and even increases the oxygen supply to the brain! A home workspace that facilitates movement has been proven to boost productivity.


A proper home office chair or just a chair for your home office?

Quality pays off in the long term. A chair specifically designed for home office use stands out above any old chair for working at home in terms of function, ergonomics and design. If your home office chair’s going to be used by different family members, then just like any other office chair it needs to be quick and easy to adjust. Dynamic properties are important too, because you’re likely to be sitting down for just as long as you would in the office. Another vital aspect is design: depending on where in the house your workspace is, a more homely looking office chair might be a key design factor. Why not take a look at our wide selection of models, configuration options and products for your home office to give you some ideas!

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