Made in Germany: the desk for your home office

A considerable proportion of all office work in recent months has been performed by employees in their own homes – and with this relocation to the home office many people are now confronted with questions such as “Where do I put the desk?”, “Can I put my desk in the living room? or “What do I do about a desk when I don’t have much space?” Yet despite the varied questions, one thing is clear: the desk is one of the most important components of the home office.


How to set up a workspace at home

As a manufacturer of office furniture and room systems, König + Neurath has several decades of experience when it comes to designing offices and workspaces. With a big team of experienced interior architects, product developers and office furnishers, they are well positioned to advise companies on the best way to design working environments to suit their work culture. There are frequent requests for solutions to accommodate desks where space is at a premium, or situations comparable with working from home. Whether a desk is needed for an office or study in the home, the requirements are often the same.


Home office desk: desks for small spaces, height adjustable desks and more

König + Neurath is now sharing expertise with all those people who are furnishing their home offices and need a desk suitable for this application, or want a height-adjustable desk for working from home. One thing that’s important for any situation is that the home office workspace needs to meet high standards in quality, ergonomics, height adjustment and sustainability – plus it has to be exactly right for the individual home office scenario. You might be looking for a table for your study, a home office in your living room, a workspace in your bedroom or other solutions for a desk to work from home – but whatever you’re after, König + Neurath offers a variety of products, ideas and solutions.

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